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As hard as it can be to gather client information for input, we at OMS technologies have not overlooked the end result of data collect: report making. With CAC CareNet the user can auto-populate additional forms and reports from any completed client forms. completed-formThis is one of the principle purposes of our program and from the very beginning we designed the program to have a fully integrated report function. This will save any agency that uses our system a noticeable amount of time and make the center more efficient. This Efficiency will reduce time spent doing paperwork and allow agencies and their partners to spend more time helping clients. Having spent time with the employees of a child advocacy center we know that this is important.

We at OMS Technologies have been impressed with the passion and dedication that we have seen from child advocacy centers and their partners. We are truly proud and honored to be able to work with such a talented and gifted group of people. We are excited to become a partner with people doing the important work of child advocacy. We look forward to meeting people from agencies all over the country and showing you how our program will save you time, money and effort allowing you to better serve your clients and communities.