Our Team.

Agi Lurtz
Agi Lurtz earned her degree from the University of Oklahoma, completing her 7 year degree in 4 years. She conceived the basic protocols for one of the first EHRs during a decade of caring for her ailing father. In a volunteer capacity, she serves on 5 Advisory Committees for Moore-Norman Technology Center. She served as president for The Exchange Club in Norman for 5 consecutive years. She has been an active member of several different Chambers of Commerce. She is a long time active member of the Norman Kiwanis Club. She is an award-wining member of Toastmasters international and enjoys public speaking. She’s also an adjunct professor for Moore Norman Technology Center.
Charlie Whipple
Charlie Whipple has been a part of our team, in some capacity, since 2008. His creativity and vision helped him quickly rise to Lead Developer upon joining the team. Charlie has the ability to create new and better ways for businesses to run their daily operations, like he has done with CAC CareNet. He’s patient, friendly and can make people understand what he’s doing, which is a rare talent in a programmer. His tenacity to complete his projects is unmatched, and his loyalty and allegiance for the company is never questioned.

Jon Lurtz
Jon Lurtz attended Law school at the University of Oklahoma. He opened his firm in 1990, specializing in Real Property and now operating his law practice in Oklahoma City and Tri City Closing & Escrow Company in Newcastle. He has been Legal Counsel for OMS Technologies since inception in 1999. Jon has a true passion for helping those who would not have the means to help themselves; so, he often performs his services pro bono. He is particularly focused on helping those who have been taken advantage of by others. Jon and Agi married in 1994, and raised three children and multiple pets together.

Values as a Company


We strive to build genuine and lasting relationships with all our clients. It allows us to know them better as an individual, resulting in deeper insights which leads to better outcomes. We love to help them achieve their goals, which in turn helps us achieve ours.


We strive for excellence in all that we do. We are responsive and well-known for our rapid delivery and results.


We treat our clients with respect both publicly and privately. We are honest and transparent with them, listen to their needs and deliver effectively.


Each and every team member truly cares about our clients and each other. Without exception, we will go above and beyond to help each other, to respond quickly, address the needs, deliver in a timely manner and confirm satisfaction. We work well together and respect the talents each of us brings to the table. We stay with it until we deliver.


OMS Technologies, Inc. began in 1999 and incorporated in 2001. Our first SaaS (Software as a Service) program was our web-based EHR program known as ARTChart EHR. Which has been in continuous use since 2003.

From ARTChart EHR we learned about safeguarding data while keeping it accessible. As well as the need for privacy, security and HIPAA. We also learned that to deliver a successful service for clients, you must ask them what they need to operate in the most efficient manner, and then answer their needs. It must be easy, intuitive, flexible and save them time and money. We applied that knowledge base and principles when creating CAC CareNet in 2014.

We never set out to build CAC CareNet. Our goal was to help our local CAC with a donation of ARTChart EHR, complete with the promise to modify it to accommodate their needs, all at no charge. Within a few weeks, they realized the possibilities and then asked us to build them a CAC program from the ground up. With their help and input together we created CAC CareNet. It was designed by child advocates for child advocates. Once complete, they urged us to take it to market and help other CAC’s across the country, struggling with documentation and reporting.

Our first real exposure to the CAC world was at Huntsville, AL in 2015. By the end of the conference a staggering number of CAC’s wanted to on-board right away. However, after visiting with well over one hundred CAC’s we quickly realized, the system needed more functionality. Therefore, in good faith, we refused sales until we made the changes, making it a more comprehensive system. Today, we have many individual CAC’s using our service, and multiple states onboarding with either all their CAC’s. or individually, from coast to coast.


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