Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms does CAC CareNet support?

CAC CareNet is hosted on secure, cloud-based servers, delivering easy access which your CAC needs. From a smartphone, to tablet, laptop, or desktop, running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, iOS, and Android, it works on all major platforms and devices.   

Recommended browsers, for the best experience, include- Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Due to the sunsetting of I.E. (Internet Explorer) we do not recommend its use and do not support it.

Can more than one person be in the same client file at one time?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of users logged into CAC CareNet, or in the same client file, at the same time

What does the price include? And are there any ongoing costs?

The price includes your domain, custom set up, import of personnel and agencies, 4 custom forms, 2 custom reports, and full training, both for the staff and for the executive director.


We do have a recurring fee which can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, whatever is best for your budget. The ongoing fee includes, ongoing support, group training, software updates and upgrades, storage of data and documents, security certificate, use of CAC CareNet, and more.

How is the price calculated for each center?

We take into consideration the size of the center, the total number of new cases each year, the length of time in existence, and the specialized programs, reports and forms needed into consideration when pricing the initial set up, and calculating the ongoing subscription cost.  Although there are exceptions for lower and higher initial costs, the average one-time set up, without migration, tracks between $2,500 – $3,500.

Does CAC CareNet allow for Voice-to-Text when entering data?

Yes, CAC CareNet offers the ability to either type or speak your note.  This feature works on every data field throughout CAC CareNet.

How long does it take to get set up and going?

Depending on the size of your CAC, the number of active and inactive clients, forms, necessary migrations from one or more systems, and our System set ups, already progress, the timeline can vary greatly. We do offer an Expected time for completion on all new set ups. Typically, a new, non-migration, set up can be ready in as little as 1-2 weeks, once we receive the necessary information, we need from you.  Our record for a complete setup is 24 hours.

Do you have anything for tracking or documenting Therapy/Mental Health?

Yes, CAC CareNet offers both a Medical and Therapy module as a feature of the base system. Staff access to either module is defined in the granular permission set.  If your Center only needs one of these, the other can be locked from all users so it is not accidentally accessed or used.

Do you offer data migration from other systems?

Yes., We can migrate data from NCATrak, Collaborate, Excel, Access, and other database systems.

Do you offer anything for documenting medical information?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive option for documenting medical information in our Medical module. It includes SANE specific fields, full medical exam, repeat visits, and more.   From there you can document Hx, exams, and recommendations.


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