Major Features

  • Forensic Interviews
  • NCA | VOCA | Custom Reports
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team access
  • Document Storage
  • Custom Workflow
  • Custom Forms
  • Therapy
  • Scheduler
  • Grant Research | Funder Reports
  • Electronic Referrals
  • Comprehensive Search
  • Legal & CPS Tracking
  • Prosecution Tracking
  • Medical/ SANE Exams
  • Therapy
  • VOCA, NCA Reports
  • Report Builder | Custom Reports
  • Law Enforcement & CPS Case Tracking
  • Cloud Based- SaaS Solution
  • Custom Workflow
  • Comprehensive Searches
  • Client Management
  • HIPAA & SOC Certified Servers


Forensic Interviews

Efficiently document your Forensic Interviews and create your summary reports with ease. Capture all the key components including who performed the Interview, who witnessed, client disclosures, and a detailed narrative, which you can type or us the Voice-to-Text feature.  All designed to save time, while gathering the information you need.


  • Conduct unlimited forensic interviews
  • Create your own dropdowns
  • Create summary reports
Children resting - CAC CareNet

Client Management

Innovative and easy to use client management page with client information, documents, photos, reports, LE/CPS/DHS tracking, and of course end-to-end Case Management. The ability to upload scanned documents, reports, forms, drawings and more, with the option of protected accessibility, keeps the data safe, and accessible when needed. There are several sections which allow for extreme flexibility on data capture and reporting.


  • Quickly enter and view client information
  • Assign services
  • Upload documents securely,
  • Easy search and associated functions
Children resting - CAC CareNet

Legal Dispositions

with Law Enforcement (LE), Child Protective Services (CPS/DHS) and Prosecution

Capture case numbers, case workers and important details, critical to the case from the perspective of Law Enforcement and CPS/DHS.


  • Law Enforcement Case Tracking
  • CPS/DHS Case Management and Tracking
  • Prosecution Case Management and Tracking
  • Legal Dispositions

Medical Exams & SANE Exams

Conduct medical exams, including SANE exams, with the SANE specific fields, medical services and Smart ICD-10 diagnosis coding.


  • Smart ICD-10 coding
  • SANE specific tracking fields
  • Tools for noting medical exam findings


Therapy Management

Manage mental health clinical sessions and history.



  • Voice to text session notes
  • Quick clinical session note review
Children resting - CAC CareNet


Schedule important dates in an easy to use interface with advanced search capabilities.


  • Filtering system to monitor various schedules
  • Ability to include multiple event participants
  • Dynamic search ability (Name, Date, Case, Perpetrator)
Children resting - CAC CareNet


CAC CareNet offers three options for Reporting, all designed to get you Time saving report options that can be as specific or general in data or information needed.


  • VOCA/NCA reports-done in minutes, not hours or days
  • Statistical reports (good for grant writing data, etc.)
  • Custom reports that suite your specific needs/agency
Children resting - CAC CareNet

Referral Management

Manage therapy and medical referrals with ease.


  • Allows tracking of clients through the care continuum
  • Streamlines communication between care providers
  • Reduces data gaps in case management while increasing efficiency
  • Reportable
Children resting - CAC CareNet

Cloud Based SAAS Solution

Cloud based and SaaS based for ensuring a secure, effective product with the ability to share data within your organization seamlessly, on various devices and most platforms.


  • Secure
  • Cloud Based
  • Always the newest version
  • Accessible from smart phones, tablets and PC’s
  • Agency ease sharing
CAC CareNet - Custom Workflow


CAC CareNet allows you to create custom workflows that send notifications to staff members who have been assigned cases. This improves efficiency by allowing your staff to spend less time on manual tasks and ensures that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Workflows are defined by the user and not CAC CareNet


  • Conforms to your workflow
  • Easily add services, questions, etc. for tracking
  • Custom forms and reports
CAC CareNet - Custom Workflow

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